i am a 24-year-old writer and artist raised in new york and singapore. i recently graduated from northeastern university with a degree in english and communications. in the last few years, home has fluctuated for me between boston and london, where my sister lives; however, my heart is in india, where i spent every summer and winter of my life until i was eighteen.

i like to think that my interests and passions are boundless, but i focus on a few spheres of work: storytelling, advocacy/justice, and art. within this structure, i am interested in the politics of language, cultural studies/criticism (specifically south asian studies), and sexual justice. i also dedicate a lot of my energy to community, and i enjoy work that echoes this. 


i believe everything tells a story, and that our ability to connect with one another is informed by storytelling. my most cherished forms of storytelling are through visual art, creative nonfiction, poetry, and music. 


my undergraduate experience encouraged me to push the boundaries of storytelling through advocacy. i am interested in anti-colonial justice, with a particular focus on south asian studies. i am also an advocate for sexual justice, education, and empowerment.

art and literature

my interest in art is inherited from my grandmother and mother. i have a deep appreciation and love for painting, graphic design, clothing, textiles, language, and interior design. while i adopt a broad understanding of these categories, i am fascinated by how they take form in south asia. 


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